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The Long Nose

The Long Nose

Incorporating style, functionality and durability the long nose has been designed to increase the distance between your hand and the business end of things. 


It has a more direct spray than other bum guns making sure that you feel clean after using it. 


It has an adjustable pressure guage so you can get the perfect pressure for your derriere! It is made from ABS plastic with a ceramic valve. 


Some people ask if it is meant to go up your bum, and the answer is: thats up to you!! The bum gun is used to spray the outside of your body and if you would like to use it as an enima device I would reccomend having your own seperate personal bum gun. 


The cost includes UK next day delivery of the bum gun. 



    The product comes with:

    A brass t junction to attach 

    The 1.5m hose 

    The gun 

    A wall / toilet mount 

    The product is designed to fit UK plumbing regulations and the hose attachements and T-junction is 1/2 inch. 

    Please check to see if this will fit your plumbing configuration before buying, if you are in doubt please don't hesitate to ask me and send me a picture on whats app!


    If you are not happy with the product, please contact me as soon as possible and we will sort it out.


    The cost of the postage does NOT include potential international taxes/ fees the item may acrue as it is sent abroad. 

  • VAT

    Please message if you have questions regarding VAT

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