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How to poo proper!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

We have been going to the toilet our whole lives, however, research shows that most people could improve their technique and positioning to improve their toilet experience!

Before the invention of sit down toilets and toilet paper, humans would squat to relieve their bowels. For those that have had the opportunity to squat poo, the experience tends to be easier to pass and is generally a cleaner experience.

When using toilets we sit in an upright position, usually with our legs close together due to the clothing around our ankles. By imitating the squat position this improves the pooing experience.

Firstly by releasing one leg from the constraining clothing, this allows a wider leg position, spreading the cheeks further apart, word of the day is legs - spread the word!

Then to imitate the squat position you want to reduce the distance between your knees and chest and have your knees above your hips, thus relaxing your puborectalis muscle making it easier to pass your poo. There are stools on the market specifically made for this and is a great addition to anyone wanting to improve their toilet experience.

Then use water to clean your self, and you should notice there is less mess because of the change of technique! Then use reusable towels to dry the environmentally friendly way!

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Cormoran Lee
Cormoran Lee
24 mar 2022

I am a fan of bumguns' philosophy.

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