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Pooh Sticks - What your poo is showing you.

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Now that you are not using toilet paper, the chance of seeing your poo will become a lot higher! By looking at your poo, giving thanks that your body was doing the functions it was made to do by processing and absorbing all the good stuff and letting pass the stuff it doesn’t want. Remember that you have poo and wee in your body right now, so if you dislike poo or wee, then you dislike a part of yourself.

The 2 main things to look for in your poo is its colour and shape. The shape is described using the Bristol Stool Chart (check the blog roll) and you are aiming for type 3/ 4. The colour you are aiming for is brown, which is the natural colour due to the bile produced in our liver. A more yellow colour generally would mean excess fat or grease, and a more green colour generally means food is moving fast through your system or you have eaten a lot of leafy greens!

Your poo represents your internal environment, and comparing it to the diet you have had the last 24 hours may help you refine how to better your diet! If it is looking really funky then it would be good to do further research we would recommend the book - “what your poo is telling you”

Here are some other toilet tips...

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