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The Bristol Stool Chart:

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

A lot of great things have come out of Bristol and being a proud Bristolian I thought this would be the right place to inform you of another of Bristols achievements.

In 1997 the Bristol Royal Infirmary developed the Bristol Stool Chart (BSC) or Bristol Stool Form scale (BSF scale) as a clinical assessment tool to better communicate and diagnose issues surrounding stools!

The chart goes from: type 1 - very hard to pass nut like poops, to type 7 too easy to pass water like poo, and all the stools in between. As with most toilet related things, usually the best thing to come from it is toilet related humour, and here the internet has helped refine the Bristol Stool Chart by giving them their own names which I will share some of the best with you here!!

T1 - Maltesers, ass goblins, bristol balls, marbles, the croquettes

T2 - Lion bar, The real Mccoy, monkey bread, Catapillar

T3 - Toffee Crisp, The Lincoln Log, Cracked sausage, Hot dogs

T4 - Ripple, Smooth criminal, Goldilocks poo, snake, the slippy

T5 - Clusters, Smelly seaweed, Bristol blobs, Amoeba

T6 - Bubbly, Lumpy fart, Fluffy poo, soft serve

T7 - Hot chocolate, Rancid river, fountain of poo, Jackson Pollock, The fire hose

If you are becoming more interested in your poo, read the blog post about what your poo says about your diet and health.

Whilst we are on the topic, here are a few other names for defecating:

Building a log cabin

Coiling a steamer

Cooking a brown carrot

Dropping the kids off at the pool

Full moon over troubled waters

Launching a rectal rocket

Making a deposit in the porcelain bank

Firing colon cannonballs

Exporting products from uranus

Expanding on bum based literature

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